Virtual Picture Day March 9th
Tuesday, March 9th

Dear Parents.

Virtual Picture Day is coming Tuesday, March 9th!!  In a continuing effort to keep all students and staff safe, we are making changes to the way we capture student images during distance learning.  We will be using Excel Photographers High5.ID service for this project.  It is easiest to open the link on a cell phone if possible.  We will be using these images for promotion, yearbook and Identification Cards.  

This link below will prompt you to capture an image: 

Please follow this link  Click here

After clicking the link, you will be prompted to enter your student ID number.

A Digital Id can be sent to the student’s phone for instant use.  If you would like to have it sent to the guardian’s phone, please enter that phone number into the student’s record. 

We would like this to be a fun and engaging event.  Please Dress to Impress and look your best.

For questions about this process please

Thank you for your support

Albert Einstein Middle School