Athlete Behavior and Grade Check Policies

Athletic Clearance

*Students cannot tryout for a team without an athleticclearance.com account started, with parent/guardian info, student info and signatures completed. 

*Completed physicals must be submitted to the athletic director, Amie Leas, once an athlete has made the team and before they can participate in competition. 

Grade Checks

On Fridays players will give teachers their grade checks at the start of class and teachers will return them to the player before class gets out. If not, the player should ask for their grade check back after class dismissal. Students are allowed to submit a grade check on lined paper.

Players need to fill out the top of the grade check.  

If a player is absent on a Friday, it is expected a player to get their grade check filled out on Monday. If this is against a teacher’s grade check policy, then it is against policy. Players will have to submit their grade check as is. Players should see teachers before or after school for grade check completion if they forget during class.  

Grade checks are primarily the responsibility of the athlete.

On Friday afternoons after school grade checks are to be submitted to their coach or to the grade check box in the front office. If grade check is being submitted on a Monday, then it must be given to coach.

Behavioral expectations for Students playing Sports:


Students that receive a referral will be benched from the game that week. An email will be sent to coaches at the end of each day to communicate referrals.

*Students can participate in practices, just not the upcoming game


If a student receives a suspension, they will ineligible to play for the remainder of the season.


Students receiving below a 2.0, F, or a U, will be benched from the game that week. The will not resume playing until they have pulled up their grades and citizenship.

*Students can participate in practices, but cannot participate in the upcoming game.

**Coaches will give out progress reports weekly and students will be responsible for having teachers fill out, and sign, and bring to coaches.

Questions/Concerns: Please contact the Athletic Director, Amie Leas  amie-leas@scusd.edu

(916)395-5310 ext. 400169