A Message From the Principal
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Our Mission at Albert Einstein Middle School is to prepare students to show initiative, strive for personal excellence and actively contribute to a team in order to compete and succeed in high school, college, career, and life.

From classroom teacher, to assistant principal, to principal, my core beliefs have not changed. I believe all students can learn, I believe it is imperative to model the behavior you expect of students, I believe students possess the ability to rise to our highest expectations, and finally, I believe in the power of education. Students are natural learners and it is important that we provide each student an opportunity to learn in a safe, inviting environment that fosters the ability for them to reach their full potential.

Each member of our Albert Einstein Middle School staff will continue his/her dedication, and commitment to making sure all students are successfully served.  We will constantly strive to ensure every child is learning and our effort to truly make a difference in the lives of children will be unrelenting.  Albert Einstein students will each have opportunities to express his/her knowledge in multiple ways; ultimately promoting to high school as a well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute to society in a positive and productive manner.

I am incredibly humbled to be the Principal of Albert Einstein Middle School and look forward to our continued success, as we strive for excellence while enjoying each day of our academic journey.


Thank you,