Student Support Center
Providing Access to Services for Families in Need

Student Support CenterStudent Support Center

Einstein’s Student Support Center provides a spectrum of integrated support that spans the areas of youth family services, academic support, health and mental health.

Our Student Support Center services address critical student needs that pose barriers to learning. 


Services include: Advocacy, Counseling, Classroom Support, Conflict Resolution, Mentoring, School Supplies, and more. 

Family Services include: Health Insurance Links, Home Visits, Parenting Classes, and more.

School-wide Services include: Attendance Services, Crisis Intervention, SART Participation, School Climate, Student Success Team, Suicide Risk Assessment, Translation Services and more. 



Use this link to refer Families in need of:

– Basic needs assistance
– Social/Emotional and Mental Health issues
– Non-urgent health needs
– Chronic academic, attendance and/or behavior concerns


Self Referral:

Use this link to reach out to a counselor or the Student Support Center


Use this link to reach out to a counselor or the Student Support Center


Two Minutes of Mindfulness Practice

Practice this everyday. Click this link to go to the video. 


District Online Resources:

Before and After School Care

Bullying Resources

Food and Clothing Resources and Support 

Health Care Resources

Homeless Resources

Mental Health Resources

LGBTQ Support and Resources



Calming Room