Schedule for 2022


Home Games: 3/7/22, 3/14/21, 3/21/22, 3/23/22, 4/4/22, 4/20/22, and 5/2/22.

First game is at 3:30pm and the 2nd game begins at 4:45pm

Congratulations on Making the Basketball Team!!


Girls: Saedee B., Dyvine C., Selecia C., Pearl C., Isabel C., Alina D., Emily D., Madison G., Marijane M., Evelyn O., Karen R., Olivia R., Janeesa R., Alina S., Madison S., Amaiyah T. and Amelia V. 

Boys: Jaden B., Joe B., Khushaal C., A.lvaro D., Cristian F., Miguel G., Gabriel G., Ismael G., Leonardo S., BelalAhmad M., Joshua M., Ricardo M., Christopher P., Alan H., Isaias H., Andrew R., Abdulhafiz S., and Blake Y.